Aegle Official

Aegle March Update

March 11, 2016 | Krzysztof Sitko

We are excited to announce the latest iteration of the Arc caregiving tool. The newest model provides caregivers with a more peaceful state-of-mind when away from their loved ones with more

Dementia News Launch

March 11, 2016 | Krzysztof Sitko

It is with great excitement that Aegle announces the launch of Dementia News: a publication for families and caregivers about all things Alzheimer's and Dementia related. We will be posting more

Dementia General

What to do when your loved one forgets who you are

May 4, 2016 | Katie Acompora

As Dementia progresses eventually it becomes impossible for a loved one to remember who you are. Make sure that you're prepared to handle it with these Do’s & Don’ts. Have more

Are You Overpaying for Care?

March 27, 2016 | Krzysztof Sitko

Being informed of market prices is crucial to ensuring you get a good price for care services for your loved ones. That's why Genworth Financial, a long term care more


So Cute! Grandmother cares for her doll

May 27, 2016 | Krzysztof Sitko

Dementia leaves individuals often feeling depressed and lonely. That's why we can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside as this grandmother cares for her doll. Even something as simple more

High Fashion

May 20, 2016 | Krzysztof Sitko

We can't help but giggle with this caregiver as she captures her loved one's new sense of fashion.

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