Alzheimer's AI

Think you need help with care? You Do.
We're going to help.

For Loved Ones


Our loved ones have been there for us for decades. We want to be there for them.

Targeted Care

Spend more of your time on the most personal aspects of care - dressing, washing, feeding. We'll help cover watching over them so you can get things done.

Built for your family

Our first user was our special loved one. We want to share our work with your family and help improve caregiving for all.

Be There When You Can't

Effortlessly call and check on your loved one when away for short periods of time.

Keep Family Connected

Your loved one's conditions cut off them from the rest of your family. Bring them together with one button calling and automatic white list answering.

Automatic Assistance

With prerecorded messages you can tell your loved one when you will be home or where to find lunch using without your active intervention.

Not just for families.

Let us augment your caregiving and optimize the time your spending on care recipients.

For Facilities

Let's stay in touch.